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 How we work


Initial Consultation

The first step to building a kickass website is to first sit down and work out what you need, from a simple one pager supporting your business needs through to an e-commerce shop.

Once completed we can give you a quote and timescale for the work involved.


Site Mockup

Your project will now be passed over to our dedicated design team who will develop for you an initial site mockup. 

This allows you to see the design and layout we have built for you, if youre happy we can continue on with your project or we can adjust it to fit your needs.


Site Development and Updates

From here your project is passed onto our development team who will take your site mockup and flesh it out into a real site.

We will also provide you real site updates that you can access from a browser on mobile or computer.


Final Review and Publishing

Once development is complete we will give you a final review of your website and if you are happy we will publish and host if for you (for a monthly hosting fee), deploy it to your own hosting or send you the source code for you to deploy on your own.

We always make sure to listen to all our customers needs and desires, so if you have any problems with your site we provide free maintenance and support.

Finally we leave you with a kickass site ready to take on the world wide web!

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